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The A.C.T. e-Course

Learn Acting from your own home in this one-of-a-kind, eCourse.  A.C.T. is a complete online class that you can take from anywhere in the world — at your own pace. It’s like being in a on-camera, professional Hollywood Studio!

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Audition Like a Badass

Want killer, dynamic confidence in your auditions? Of course, you do! Who wouldn’t? Well, that type of confidence comes from this course! Because this course will help you gain key insights into how to position yourself best for powerful and effective auditions and interviews.

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Pilot Season Prep

Pilot season is a time in our industry when all professionals from networks, producers, writers, directors, casting directors, agents, managers and you guess it, actors, prepare for the industry’s most opportune season, for securing work.

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Mastering the One Minute Monolgue

This powerful little book is a secret weapon for the serious actor! M1MM is a 16-page, mini-intensive on the art, craft, and technicalities of on-camera acting that will show you accurately how to deliver a powerful on-camera performance… every time!

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Zoom Etiquette & Effective Online Auditioning

Be powerful and convincing in your zoom interviews, auditions, and callbacks! You’re welcome!


Test Your Knowledge

Acting & Industry Quiz

Test your knowledge of the craft of acting and your understanding of the entertainment industry. See how you do! Take the quiz! 


Acting Classes

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Private Coaching

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Special Services

  • Presentation Coaching
  • Stand-Up Comedy Coaching
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Accent Reduction
  • On-Camera Eating
  • Broadway (Song & Dance)
  • Stage Combat
  • Gun Handling

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