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Emmy Award Winning Coaching

Coach Banks is a Fortune 500 instructor and life & business coach who also does extensive coaching in the Hollywood Entertainment Industry. He works with Entrepreneurs, Producers, Directors, Writers, Actors, Musicians, Filmmakers, and Dancers. He’s also led several talented artists to win their coveted performance awards.

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Coach Clay Banks

Founder & Head Coach

It’s been mentioned time and time again that Coach Banks is a fantastically inspiring and informative class act! Bold statement? Maybe. However, that’s exactly what’s been documented! But, you may still want to check him out for yourself. His accomplishments as a former Fortune 500 Motivational Speaker – National Instructor – Published Writer – Director – On-Camera Performance Coach – Improv Director, Comedy Coach – and Life & Business Empowerment Coach, will have you asking… “How’s he do it?!” Well, for starters, he’s been at this his whole adult life! His profundity is eye-opening as he carefully serves up his words so the listener can gain maximum benefit for their own self-growth and development. He specializes in advanced communication and personal empowerment — while directing you to unlock the ultimate champion inside of you. All of this is backed by decades of proven results! Not yet convinced? Check out his success stories & testimonial page and you’ll see. Oh, and he also trains actors on how to work professionally in films and television!

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Creativity – Business – Story – Imagination

Coach Clay Banks believes that ‘art’ is within all… and becoming a better artist is becoming a better human being. And, yes… we all have a measure of creative genius within. Through the coaching insights Clay has developed over the past four decades, you will not only grow quickly as a professional, but will also improve in all areas of your personal life… Spirit, Soul, Body, Community, and Wallet! Clay has helped literally tens of thousands of individuals improve their skills, talents and abilities – resulting in people better achieving their goals!

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How we make the difference in your acting career.

Clay Banks Studio International is a Full Potential Acting Studio. We believe that becoming a better artist is to become a better human being. Through our class structure, you will not only grow quickly as an actor, but will also improve in all areas of your mind, body, and soul. CBSI has helped thousands of aspiring actors improve their skill and achieve their goals. From modeling and commercial acting, to on-stage and on-camera success as well. Just take a look at our list of alumni for more! At CBSI, you will find a highly motivated and growth oriented community that wants to support you, as you support them. Together, we all rise with the tide. Come join us today and let us help get you there faster!

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Emmy Award Winning Acting Studio

Mission & Vision


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Let’s face it, there are so many pop-up online sensations presenting themselves as industry experts, and offering so-called advice. The reality is, these psuedo-experts often times lack the long term life experience to truly back up their claims. Here at CBSI, you gain access to a 40+ year veteran in the area of advanced communications. We’re so confident you will succeed under Coach Banks guidance, we would like to give you access to some of our resources for free. If you’re serious about your craft and want to take your career to the next level, the doors are open and we’re ready to set you on the right path to success.

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  • Focus on the results

    Coach Banks is a Results Coach! His many years of professional experience have awarded him with endless testimonial’s. CB is an Emmy Award Winning Coach! The proof is in the statues!

  • Successful Personal Coach

    Coaching is a profound learning process! It’s electric and inspiring… and at times life changing. Get the hands on coaching you’ve been looking for.

  • Comprehensive package of tools

    Head into your next project completely ready! Give your next performance with total confidence. You will leave CB sessions with the tools you need to be truly successful.

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